To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. – Ecclesiastes 3:1

I can remember back when our daughter was around thirteen years old. She did not want to clean her room. I was always cleaning and thought my children should learn the value of having a clean room, in order to set the life desire for a clean and orderly home in the future. I had given her and our son ample time to clean. I went into her room to find she had done nothing. I went into a “holly hissy”! You might not be southern, so let me explain.

What is a “hissy”? It is a fit of rage of screaming and throwing things. Now a “holy hissy” is doing the same before but all in the name of God! In the midst of my hissy, God spoke to me: “In light of eternity, does it really matter?” In midstream of my flurry of words, I stopped and heard the voice of God so clear. I turned to my daughter and said, “It doesn’t matter in light of eternity.” She looked as if a ghost had just entered me, and it did, but it was the Holy Ghost. From that day on, I never had to ask her to clean her room. She saw the hand of God move in my heart and it changed hers.

Too many times, we work for temporal things, which will someday fade away and have no eternal reproduction. But when God speaks, He always produces life and change. Is what you are doing today producing the likeness of God? In light of eternity, does it really matter? Temporal things can be used to show God’s power if our intentions for them are correct. Even if we are not acting godly, God can use them for His glory if we only listen and obey his voice. In light of eternity does it really matter?