Dear Friends of the Ministry,
Truly I love this time of year; the world is lit up with lights, decoration, and the spirit of giving. I am so grateful for the birth of Christ, but more so the life and love He came in to save the world. He was born to die for each who has believed to have everlasting life. As you see, the Christmas decorations allow them to remind you of the event of His birth. The joy of the event that night is still here today.
            There can be stress related to the holidays, for those in the body of Christ you can be reminded to be light to those you encounter to allow the love, peace and comfort of God’s Son to operate in and through you. Then others can have the touch of Jesus in the flesh through you acts of kindness.
Jesus came for us to live, move and have our being in His power, grace and anointing. Without the Virgin Birth of Jesus, there could have never been the work of the Cross and His Resurrection. It’s the power of His birth that carried Him from heaven to earth back to heaven and soon back to the earth again!!!
            Be a light to all you meet, then they will experience the feel and know the love of Jesus and the reason for His Birth, rooted and grounded in love and life!
Wishing you a Blessed Christmas,
Rev Sheila Zellers
glory to god