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Cheryl Grayson

Angela Courte

Pastor Sheila and Dr. Carol Elaine Interview before the Jan. 23rd 2018 MBL Monthly Encounter.

Motivated By Love February 20th Monthly Encounter with Dori Phillips (Powledge)

Sheila Zellers Fearless Heart Debut 1-23-2017


There Ain't no Grave

Never the Same


Arms of Grace

Real God

Keep Praying Mama

Take me Higher

Come Home My Child

Above it All

Close to Your Heart

Before the Cross

Gentle Sister

Pastor Tommy Bates Personal invite to Motivated by Love Ministries

Motivated by Love Ministries - Dream Big Revival Tommy Bates January 26, 27, 28, 2016

Motivated by Love Ministries Encounter Video Promo

Motivated by Love Worship Encounter with Vicki Yohe - November 10th -7pm

MBL Crazy Praise Encounter 6-16-15

Motivated by Love June Crazy Praise Encounter