MotivatedByLove_beach_0916“I see a vision of God’s people launching missiles–faith bombs–against the strategies of the enemy.”
A number of years ago, I preached a sermon called “Take Action and Move Out”. I recently recalled that sermon, and through it, the encouragement of the Lord came to me for you.
Get ready for great victory and breakthroughs! A season of acceleration is at hand, and even though the enemy has attempted to bring discouragement to many, faith will arise to release the power and purposes of God.  For years, we have heard “Suddenlies” are on their way!
I say to you now Suddenlies are here!
Do not be discouraged at the trials you face at this time, but look to the Lord your God. There is nothing you are facing at this time that cannot be overcome in Christ.

Evangelist and Friend  Rev.Sheila Z.
Motivated by Love Ministries

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